Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey Release!

I have been a huge fan of House Spirits and their wide range of libations for some time now.  It first started with their Aviation Gin, then I moved onto the White Dog.  I thought I couldn’t be moved anymore…..but then came along the Aqua Vit and their Rum.  One of my favorites is their Raki, which is only available in Portland, but definitely worth the trip.

The newest release is their Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey and I must say, Christian Krogstad and Thomas Mooney have done it again my friends.

The Whiskey is made from 100% Pacific Northwest Two Row Barley.  The barley is fermented with two styles of Ale yeast: Scottish and American.  After fermentation the mash is double distilled in a pot still to keep it’s natural flavor and character, which makes all of House Spirits bottlings unique.

Once distillation is complete, the Whiskey will be laid to rest in full size American Oak barrels with a level 2 char.  House Spirits doesn’t want to rush the aging process by using smaller size barrels to increase oak influence.  The full size barrels really allow the Whiskey to shine and show its true character by slowly aging.  After aging for a minimum of 2 years (hence the “Straight Malt Whiskey”), the Whiskey will be bottled at 90 Proof (45% ABV) in 375ml bottles and ready for your tasting pleasure.  The team at House Spirits strived to create something new and different, something that shows how the terroir of a distilleries surrounding area can affect flavor in a spirit.

Tasting Notes:

Nose:  The lightly charred American oak imparts vanilla, toasted almond,black pepper,  hazelnut, barley and some maple sweetness.

Palate:  Spiced oak, brown sugar, rich caramel, lemon zest, toasted barley with a little bit of spicy ginger.

Finish:  Smooth, nutty, cinnamon spice with some dryness.

Westward Whiskey

For further information about Westward Whiskey or any of House Spirits products, go to House Spirits website.


~ by myamericandram on February 26, 2013.

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  1. Nice write up!

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