Oro Pisco

Recently I just tasted the line of Oro Pisco and I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with these phenomenal spirits. Oro produces several different styles of Pisco ranging from Aromatic, Non-Aromatic, Blended and Sipping Pisco’s.
Italia – a green grape varietal that’s very floral with orange and lemon blossom. It’s got a beautiful bouquet and nice honeysuckle finish on the palate. I absolutely love the nose! Everything about this Pisco makes it perfect in any style of cocktail.
Torontel – Another single green grape varietal Pisco. The bright floral nose contains aromas of rose petal, violet and a little lavender. Fresh green grapes burst out of the glass. A velvety texture on the palate that clings to your taste-buds brings out the clean flavors and bright acidity. Since the Torontel is so clean and refreshing, I highly recommend using it as a substitute for Rum in cocktails.
Quebranta – This is a non-aromatic purple grape varietal Pisco. There’s a creamy, nutty nose. On initial tasting, you can pick up almonds and dried pecans on the tongue. It’s got a very creamy texture and almost malt like finish. This Quebranta reminds me of white whiskey with its aroma and finish.
Acholado – This is a blended style of Pisco with both aromatic and non-aromatic grapes (Italia, Torontel and Quebranta). The nose is packed with orange peel, fresh cut flowers and fresh green grapes. The Pisco is very clean with subtle hints of orange, violet flowers and sweet fruit.
Negra Criolla – Another non-aromatic purple grape varietal. This is the original Pisco grape brought in from Spain. This nose is very clean, aromas of ripe cherry and plum. Tastes like ripe summer stone fruit, light cherry and some freshly picked almonds.
Albilla – One of the aromatic varieties of Pisco available from Oro. The nose is ripe with cantaloupe and honeydew melon. It’s bright and green. On the palate there’s ripe banana, some green grass and a very light texture to coat the tongue. The finish is slightly sweet and perfectly balanced.

These were the only lines I have tasted so far. Oro also makes a Moscatel Pisco and 4 types of Mosto Verdes (partially fermented Pisco). The lines of Mosto Verde are perfect for sipping due to the higher concentration of partially fermented grapes in the spirit. Don’t get me wrong though, you can still use them in cocktails!

I have to say, I really do love these lines of Pisco. As I tasted the line I realized I could actually drink all of these by themselves, but I have also tried some of them in sours, punches and classic cocktails. They are all highly mixable and versatile in all styles of cocktails. I really do believe this is what sets Oro apart from all other Pisco’s I have tried.

For more information on the line of Oro Pisco’s check out their website or their Facebook page.

Also be sure to check out more spirit and all things booze at www.cocktailgogo.com

~ by myamericandram on October 25, 2011.

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