The “New” Starlight Room in San Francisco

The Starlight Room in San Francisco has finally re-opened its doors. It was closed down for a few months ago due to renovations. Everyone who has contributed to the success of the Room has done a fantastic job and bar manager Joel Teitelbaum has really outdone himself.

I headed to The Starlight Room after I got off work last night to go check out the bar, decor, drinks and you can’t forget those Starlight Ladies. I can actually say it’s been awhile to where I have been this excited to see a “new” bar. As I hopped into the elevator and pressed “21” I had a smile on my face. A decadent cocktail haven awaited me and my insatiable appetite for well crafted libations.

When you first walk in, you can’t help but notice the layout of the room. A sizeable bar, filled to the brim with quality spirits. It’s big enough to hold large groups of people and a few flowing bowls of punch. If you want to go party and let loose, there’s a dance floor available. The other great aspect of The Starlight Room is that it can also be intimate enough for a couple wanting to go somewhere nice for the evening with its tables and gorgeous view smack dab in the middle of the city. There’s mirrors on the ceiling, etched mirrors on the wall and they even match the print inlay on the chairs. The hanging chandelier will be the “piece de resistance”

The cocktail menu takes you on a journey from Punches, Prohibition, the “Dark Ages”, Starlight Room Classics and introduces new craft cocktails Teitelbaum has created. It’s very well made for the novice drinker or the cocktail geek (me being the latter). I wasn’t too sure what to try, so I chose the Dutch Vice. It’s made with Bols Genever, Calvados, Pear Liqueur, Lemon and Egg white. It’s a symphony in your mouth and covers all of your senses. It’s beautiful with a light yellow color and foamy top layer. The egg white and genever are rich and creamy and slowly introduce themselves to your tongue and want to invite their friends calvados and pear to play. The acidity is bright and freshly cleanses your palate so you can pick up the apple and pear flavors. By far one of the best cocktails I have ever had.

Joel Teitelbaum and the entire Starlight Room have done a phenomenal job. The cocktail program and layout can be described in one word: beautiful.

The Starlight Room can be located inside the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square

~ by myamericandram on September 9, 2011.

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