USBG takes over Monterey!

It’s definitely been awhile, but I’ve been really busy with starting at Zero Zero in S.F. under Joel Teitelbaum.  It’s been a long couple of weeks finishing up at Chow, working some doubles, but it’s definitely worth it.  I absolutely love my new gig and have a blast working with Joel and Brian MacGregor, Tom, Kevin, Nikhil and Dan “the Rottweiler” Cotterman.  It’s been very refreshing because I haven’t had this much fun behind a bar in a very long time.  There’s something very gratifying about “working” when it doesn’t feel like “work”.

Anyways….on to business!

So last weekend myself and a few other USBG members rolled down to Monterey in style…..that being my 2002 Nissan Altima.  My car has been taking quite a bit of punishment from rolling down to Visalia for a Hornitos event the night before (I didn’t get home until 4AM).  Summer Jane-Bell, Michael Callahan, David Ruiz and myself all headed down to the Wine Festival.  It was a little bit overcast, but the day warmed up nicely.  I haven’t seen a wine event that busy in a long time.  As the day progressed more people filed in to try chowder, wine, beer and of course specialty spirits from Crater Lake Distillers, Anchor Distillery, Craft Distillers and Dry Fly Distillers.

The main goal of the USBG attending the festival was to create awareness of our involvement and existence within the communities of California. A booth was set up, we had a pour spout guessing game (the winners receiving a bottle from one of the gracious vendors) and we had a cocktail competition at the end.  A ton of people showed up to see what was being made by USBG members and local bartenders.  David Ruiz ended up winning with a really nice Mezcal Sour.  He used Craft Distillers Reposado Mezcal, Lemon, egg white, jalapeno and strawberry jam (He makes this himself, check out and topped it with chocolate bitters.

I will say that this event happened to be a great success for the USBG.  Even after people were breaking down their tents and getting ready to go home, we still had people coming up to our booth saying how much fun they had at the competition and enjoyed talking with all of us.  It’s very gratifying for me to meet and work with such wonderful people.  It’s really the people you’re around that make events like this so much fun.

I really can’t wait to hear when the next USBG event will be.   I get to meet some pretty amazing people and I always learn something new!  Cheers!

~ by myamericandram on June 24, 2011.

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