More Savoy Fun!

Just another quick cocktail I was able to make the other night at work.  It’s from the Savoy Cocktail book.

Barbara Cocktail:

1/2 Vodka (I used 2 oz Vodka)

1/4 Fresh Cream (1/2 oz Cream)

1/4 Creme de Cacao (1/2 Thatchers Organic Chocolate Liqueur, it’s amazing)

It’s a crappy picture I know.  As I was making it the entire bar filled up so I had to snap a photo before the cocktail was destroyed.  It tastes pretty damn good.  Basically tastes very creamy, almost like a more liquified chocolate shake.  My bar guests liked it too!!  Cheers!

~ by myamericandram on May 27, 2011.

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