Basil Hayden Derby and Hangar One Fence Day!

This past week was quite interesting I must say!  This past Saturday I volunteered to go work at The Parlor in San Francisco for a Basil Hayden, 944 Magazine event that focused on the Kentucky Derby.  Some very beautiful people were in attendance, almost everyone was dressed up in some sort of Derby attire.  Basically my whole deal at the event was to get donations for the USBG, stomach a few bourbon’s….which is always a good perk, mingle with some local craft bartenders and of course….watch the Derby!  We ended up raising around $1600 for the USBG through all of the gracious donations from attendee’s of the event.  Events like this one help raise money for the USBG in order for us to continue to sponsor events, put on cocktail competitions, educate the public about spirits and craft cocktails, but we also give back to the community.  The USBG is a great non-profit and I feel quite blessed to be a part of this group with such fantastic people.  The end of this month should be great.  The local farmers market in S.F. and the USBG will be putting on an event to showcase locally grown ingredients in craft cocktails by local bartenders.

In regards to the USBG and farmers market event, a lot of us volunteered yesterday at Hangar One in Alameda to assemble some fence posts since the event has now doubled in size!  I’ve honestly never had so much fun giving up some free time to help out others.  Hangar One provided us with fantastic food and drinks as well as a spot to store our fence posts for future use.  Had one of the best burgers of my life yesterday… was stuffed with cheese, bacon and sautéed onions, holy bejeesus I want one now!  It took us about 3 hours to get the wood cut, assemble and paint about 35 posts.  Just when you think it was all over….we got invited inside to taste some of Hangar One’s new Gins that they are distilling.  Our Apprentice Distiller let us taste the first 4 batches of Gin.  I really can’t wait for these guys to finish them off and put them out on the market.  Definitely a big thank you to everyone at Hangar One and the USBG!

~ by myamericandram on May 11, 2011.

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