Whiskies of the World

So I was fortunate enough to work the big Whiskies of the World event on March 26th.  I worked for Beam Global and I met some pretty amazing people.  I had to brush up on quite a bit of spirit knowledge, but that’s one of my favorite things to do!  I really have to say that when I was learning about Canadian Club, I was thoroughly impressed with its history.  Did you know that Canadian Club actually contributed to 75% of all booze smuggled into the U.S. during prohibition?!  Al Capone was one of their biggest suppliers.  They are also responsible for bootlegging because the company made their bottle in shapes to contour your calf or leg.  Now I was supposed to end up working at the Canadian Club table, but not everything worked out that way.  I ended up working at Laphroaig with my brother and Simon Brooking, which was fantastic!  I got to interact with so many people and I had so much fun because everyone was there for the same reason: we all love Whisk[e]y.  I have been asked to work the Whiskeyfest in October and I can all ready say that I’m excited for that one.  I really hope to do more events like this one.


Here’s one of the really rare Whiskies that isn’t out on the market yet.  It’s a 12 year old Laphroaig Cairdeas.  Absolutely amazing!  There is also a Laphroaig Triple Wood coming out, which is first aged in a normal oak cask, then transferred to a quarter cask and then finished in a sherry cask.  By far one of the best Scotches I have ever had in my life!  Thank you Simon!

~ by myamericandram on April 4, 2011.

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