Yellow Fever in S.F.

So I spent much of my last Tuesday rolling around the city with my buddy Alex who is also my chef.  We met up at the ferry building to check out the local farmers market which was absolutely amazing.  Went a grabbed some Blue Bottle Coffee and just tinkered around for a bit.  I saw a lot of new seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts I had never heard of before.  I also met a few new people who are all somehow inter-connected to the whole food scene in the Bay Area.  Whether it’s the head chef from Coi and Plum, Brett from Outerlands and some others from French Laundry, I was thoroughly impressed and excited to be here.  I really must say that being there spurred my creativity for cooking and shaking up some new cocktails.  One of my future goals will be to come back to the market and grab some different almonds and make my own orgeat syrup.  I want to also try my hand at some home made shrubs and bitters, I just need to find the time and space to store all this stuff.  I all ready keep four cases of booze in my car at all times since I don’t want it spilling into our garage!

After Alex was done buying all the goodies for the weeks menu, we headed up to Japantown by the Fillmore.  I had been reading about different styles of Japanese fruits and vegetables and really wanted to play with some.  The only hard part is finding a store in the Bay Area that sells the stuff.  For some reason I can’t find whole Yuzu fruit for the life of me.  Berkeley Bowl, Rainbow Grocery, Whole Foods and even the spot Nijiya Market I ended up buying my food from doesn’t have it.  I ended up finding some Yuzu juice, Shiso leaves, Momiji paste (a carrot paste with spice added) and some trippy looking Sake jars with Japanese comic book characters on them.  I’ve always been intrigued with comics and I love collecting those things.  Anyways, I got back to work the next day and started playing with my new found Asian cuisine.  This is what I ended up creating:


Oishii Cocktail: White Rum, Aperol, Yuzu and Shiso Leaves.  Threw a couple of Kumquats on top of it and it adds some nice texture as well.

I ended up giving a few out to some bar guests to see how they liked it and I ended up running out of Shiso leaves because people kept ordering them.  Definitely something I will keep looking into for future menu’s!

This last picture is of my three new Sake containers.  I leave them up with my Hitachino bottles which I love….Japanese beer aged in Sake casks…yes please

~ by myamericandram on March 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Yellow Fever in S.F.”

  1. Those sake containers are great, how big (tall) are they?

  2. They’re about 4 inches tall. Basically single serving Sake containers

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